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At sunset, an authentic feast will be the occasion to gather together and share the unforgettable memories of the day.

If your trip is an incentive trip and you need to hold some business meetings, we can provide seminar rooms.

You can choose the atmosphere for your stages: ranging from a bivouac in the bush to a **** hotel or exquisite lodges… anything is possible. Worth discovering and rediscovering!

A few examples of accommodation :
- Bivouac in the desert
- Lodge on a river bank
- Charming hotel by the sea
- Luxurious hotel overlooking the bay in Dakar

Bivouac in the desert - back to top
An authentic bivouac in the Lompoul desert. A total change of scene and a unique experience!

  Lodge on a river bank - back to top
A lodge combining comfort and charm on the banks of the river Sine Saloum. Its rooms on stilts in the river or amid the baobabs provide a magnificent view and unforgettable atmosphere!

  Charming hotel by the sea - back to top
At Saint-Louis, a charming hotel by the sea. The spacious and comfortable rooms on the beach and its swimming pool provide an authentic and very pleasant atmosphere.

Charming hotel
Charming hotel
  Luxurious hotel overlooking the bay in Dakar - back to top
A **** luxurious hotel overlooking the bay in Dakar. It is an ideal place to stay in Dakar and visit the Ile de Gorée as well as organising working seminars.