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Play an active part in your adventure !
  A great sporting adventure following the trail of the legendary “Paris-Dakar”.

Our aim is for you to experience a great sporting adventure while also discovering the “authentic” Senegal, off the beaten track.

With professional support and organisers conscious of safety and comfort, you can choose your own route to reach the various stopover points throughout the day.
So you will cover unfrequented and very varied terrain: You will cross forests of baobabs and sand dunes and you will explore the savannah and African bush.

The co-driver guides the driver through magnificent scenery, using a GPS and a road-book. The driver’s skills combined with the efficiency of the co-driver will make you a formidable team to follow your own route at your own pace. The daily rankings will enable you to pit yourself against the other participants and try and win the adventure rally !

Throughout the stay you will drive through authentic villages and you will be able to discover a warm and traditional culture.


  A la carte trips

We organise trips that are completely made to measure, both in terms of the route and the accommodation :
- You can define the pace and the level of difficulty.
- You can choose the atmosphere for your stopovers: bivouacs, **** hotels, charming lodges, everything is possible !
- You can also combine your rally with other activities: fishing, sailing, cultural visits, etc.

We take your wishes and your budget and then we design the programme together!