Raid en Jeep au Sénégal ambiance, GPS, Jeep lodge, ****, tentes, navigation
Jeep Willys
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“One week” programme

Day 1: Saturday
Arrival in Dakar around 16h30
Transfer by bus to the Lac Rose
Accommodation in a hotel with swimming pool beside the lake.
General briefing for the rally: route, objectives…

Day 2: Sunday
More precise briefing on the rally: Jeeps, GPS…
Departure of the rally towards the Lompoul dunes
Arrival in the Lompoul desert during the afternoon
Crossing the dunes (deflating the tyres) to reach the Lompoul bivouac (Mauritanian tents in the desert).

Day 3: Monday
Departure of the rally towards the town of Saint-Louis
A lovely day in the north of Senegal: soft sandy tracks, savannah
Arrival in Saint Louis late afternoon
Across the historic town towards the Hotel Mermoz on the Langue de Barbarie.

Day 4: Tuesday
Relaxation in Saint-Louis
Possibility of visiting the historic town and the Djoudj nature reserve
Different activities also possible at the hotel (nautical activities)

Day 5: Wednesday
Rally day towards Darou-Mousti
Crossing the bush and the savannah as well as numerous authentic villages.
Arrival late afternoon at the Darou-Mousti camp
Accommodation in the middle of the bush in comfortable tents with private bathrooms.

Day 6: Thursday
Departure of the rally towards Sine Saloum (lagoon region south of Dakar)
A beautiful stage in the afternoon running alongside the Sine Saloum river
Arrival late afternoon at a magnificent lodge on the banks of the river (see accommodation).

Day 7: Friday
Rally runs through baobab forests
Lunch in the Bandia reserve opposite a marsh with crocodiles, buffaloes..
Travel through the reserve by jeep (giraffes, rhinoceroses)
Return to Dakar
Accommodation in a **** hotel overlooking the bay in Dakar

Day 8: Saturday
Relaxation day
Possibility of visiting the Ile de Gorée and Dakar
Various activities available: deep sea fishing, golf…
Transfer early evening to Dakar airport.

4 day incentive programme

Day 1: Dakar
Arrival in Dakar around 16h30
Transfer to the Savana Dakar, **** luxury hotel
Opposite the Ile de Gorée, the Savana Dakar hotel is located beside the sea in the heart of a magnificent tropical garden.
Dinner at the Niani. A jetty on the water in an exceptional setting opposite the Ile de Gorée, this restaurant offers refined cuisine.

Day 2: Willys Jeep Rally
Transfer to the Lac Rose (1 hour from Dakar)
Briefing of the African Dream rally with refreshments
A lap of the Lac Rose
First stage in the rally
13h00: Lunch
Second stage in the rally
Across the Bandia reserve (rhinoceroses, giraffes, antelopes..)
Refreshments opposite a marsh with crocodiles, buffaloes…
Arrival in Saly in a **** hotel.

Day 3: Discovery of the Sine Saloum
Departure of the African Dream Rally
Across the baobab forests
12h30: Embarkation on the sailing ship “La Goelette”. Lunch on board.
Afternoon of sailing across the Saloum delta, one of the finest sites in Senegal, a zone made up of mangroves, lagoons and sandy stretches.
Arrival late afternoon in a magnificent lodge beside the river.
A feast in the middle of the bush. Entertainment, African dancing, percussion in an idyllic setting. An unforgettable evening!

Day 4: Last stage of the rally
9h00: Brunch
10h00: Last stage of the African Dream Rally
Lunch in a **** hotel in Saly
Afternoon: relaxation (swimming, private beach..)
Various activities can be organised: fishing, golf…
Transfer to the airport at the end of the day.